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Sneak Peek: Bubble Gum Marshmallows

October 27, 2010

Boy do we have a tasty sneak peek for you! What do you get when you join sweet fluffy clouds and a stick of bubblegum in holy matrimony? Bubble Gum Marshmallows, that’s what!

We are excited to spotlight Carol Penn-Romine, a.k.a. Hungry Passport for our Eat My Blog bake sale.  She is a two-time baker AND will be returning for a third appearance with EMB on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at Tender Greens in West Hollywood with her delectable treat. Let’s see what she has to say about them:

They’re such fun, because it’s like a double-whammy of childhood pleasure—the flavor of bubblegum in the form of a marshmallow, and a fresh one at that. I’ve had several people tell me how weird it was when they first bit into one, because they’d register the bubblegum flavor and immediately try to blow a bubble! Usually when I’m making goodies they’re either specifically for grown-ups or for kids, but this is one of those rare treats that everyone can get a kick out of. I love making them!

We also asked Carol to describe one of her favorite baking memories:

My grandmother never used a recipe for anything, but having been a Tennessee sharecropper’s wife, she was capable of doing a lot with very little. Her fried pies were decidedly unglamorous, but they hold a special significance for me. She’d fill them with fresh fruit when it was available, and when it wasn’t, she’d tuck in a bit of chocolate or sprinkle sugar inside—the sugar pies were my favorites. Of course she could have filled them with lima beans, and I’m sure I’d have loved them just because she made them.

Yay, Carol! Thanks for titillating our taste buds. Can’t wait for December 4th when we can shove some in our moufs. *drool*

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