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Sneak Peek: Coconut Cranberry Chew

November 9, 2010

If you think boys can’t bake, then you MUST meet our man-baker Phil of My Life as a Foodie. Not only will he whip up something scrumptious for you to nibble on, he will also put you in a headlock and then throw you down flat on your back WrestleMania style (ok, maybe I made up that last part….). Phil will be baking his Coconut Cranberry Chew for the Eat My Blog bake sale on December 4th and if pictures can speak, I bet this one just told you to “EAT ME!”

This is what Phil had to say about his chewy cookies:

It’s the perfect Thanksgiving cookie. The coconut plays nicely with the bittersweet cranberries, and who can say no to butter?

Not me that’s for sure…and a whole lotta other people too I bet.

We also asked Phil to share one of his favorite baking memories:

Here’s the thing – I really got into cooking to show my mother that I could do it. She never thought the kitchen was a place for boys, for fear that I’d burn or cut myself. So I’d go play outside, where I burned and cut myself on a daily basis.  It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I really started to cook, and fall in love with it. I always loved cooking for my Mom anytime she’d visit me, because I loved impressing her with my prowess in the kitchen. Baking has always been secondary, but I’m getting better at it every time I bake.

My favorite baking memory? Sadly enough, it came while my mother was terminally ill in the hospital. My elder sister from New York came to stay with us. We’d spend the day with Mom in the hospital, then come home and cook dinner.  One night, we decided to make donuts the same way my sisters would with my mom when we were kids.  I was never allowed in the kitchen when they did this, but I could watch from the dining area.  But this time it was in MY kitchen, and I got my hands dirty. My sister and I made the dough, then the glaze while we waited for the dough to rise. We fried the donuts and glazed them.  They were warm, soft, and delicious.

It was a comforting experience for both of us at a time when we both needed it most. It was a brief journey back to our childhood during a particularly painful time for our family.  I will never forget my sister sharing that experience with me.  I only wish Mom could have been there with us. We lost her a week later.

Thank you Phil for sharing such a personal memory with us. And thank you again for sharing your coconut chews with all the other cookie monsters that will be prowling around at Tender Greens on December 4th.

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  1. November 10, 2010 5:07 pm

    Aw, Phil. That’s a beautiful (and delicious) memory. Thank you for sharing your talents with the EMB community. We’re lucky to have you!

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