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Sneak Peek: Candy Cane Creme Faux-reos

November 23, 2010

I know you’re not suppose to say the “C” word when Thanksgiving is just around the corner….but I’m pretty sure a certain red-nosed reindeer and an obese man with white facial hair will be totally looking forward to these Candy Cane Creme Faux-reos by Valentina of Eastside Food Bites. Heck, I bet we all are!

We asked Valentina to induce more drool from us by describing her baked good:

The cookies have a  not-too-sweet, slightly salty chocolate flavor.  The creme is sweetly peppermint with pulverized candy canes that add a bit of crunch to the creamy texture.

Ohhhh la la….

We also asked Valentina to share one of her favorite baking memories with us:

My favorite baking memory is Home Ec. in high school. It was a luxury to have all that cooking space, and my teacher gave us total freedom to try out the recipes that interested us. Plus, I just remember laughing a lot–it was all fun and no stress.

Well, we hope you have fun making these delicious looking faux-reos for our Eat My Blog bake sale on December 4th! I’m sure there will be a ton of people who can’t wait to gobble them up! Thanks Valentina!

*Please refer to our menu for a complete list of baked goods.*

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