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Sneak Peek: Idgie’s Dog Biscuits

November 28, 2010

Are you melting yet? This cute shiba inu is Idgie, the sweet companion of Tien aka Queequeg of Tien had the ingenious idea of making dog biscuits for the Eat My Blog bake sale on December 4th. Here’s a glimpse into her clever brain at work:

I noticed a lot of people at the last Eat My Blog bake sale with dogs and thought dogs totally deserve to have blogger-made treats, too!  So I decided to contribute one of my dog’s favorite treats: these dog biscuits.  Honestly, my dog will eat almost anything; that said, she does consistently choose these biscuits over other treats when I do random taste tests.  I think it’s because her favorite food, cheddar cheese, is used to help bind the ingredients together.  These also do not contain wheat – I generally avoid feeding wheat to hear if I can help it, because it is a hard ingredient for dogs to digest (and many others are allergic).

You’re one smart cookie Tien! Other than baking dog biscuits, Tien is also an admirer of fantastic bakeries. She shared an aromatic baking memory with us:

When I was in college, I lived a few blocks away from Acme Bakery, a fantastic bakery in Berkeley.  It was around 6:30 in the morning when I discovered it for the first time.  I was on my way to an absurdly early class, there was the smell of dew in the air and, under that dew, the smell of something yeasty.  It was subtle at first, then the wind picked up, and I caught all of it for half a second.  Up until that point, I really don’t think I ever had the pleasure of smelling freshly made bread; it was an experience I read about in books and saw in cartoons.  The books and cartoons were right: the fresh smell does waft, and it does bring a smile to your face.  I stopped in my tracks, stuck my nose in the air the way dogs do when they’re trying to place a scent, and followed my nose to Acme’s tiny little storefront.  I asked the nice lady at the register for her recommendation, and she pointed immediately to a loaf of bread that looked like one half of a civic crown: the pain d’epis (“ears of wheat”).  I ate the entire loaf pretty much then and there and missed out on a lecture on Anna Karenina And Other Late 19th Century Women Who [Spoiler Alert] Killed Themselves.  Oh, well.  I think I learned more that morning, breaking bread with myself, than I would have had I gone to class.  Just don’t tell my mom.

Thank you Tien! I’m glad our four-legged friends will have a treat to look forward to too at the Eat My Blog bake sale. Woof, woof!

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  1. November 28, 2010 10:52 pm

    Aw, Tien! You always crack me up 😉 Thanks for givin’ the doggies somethin’ to chew on.

  2. December 9, 2010 12:16 am

    That looks so yummy and mouth-watering! You are so adorable Tien.. 😉

  3. September 27, 2011 5:59 pm

    Idgie is so cute – and the biscuits look yummy! No wonder they’re her favorite! Love this blog – thank you!


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