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Los Angeles Regional Food Bank tour for EMBers

February 5, 2012

Early in January, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank invited Eat My Blog bakers for a mini tour of their offices and warehouse. Marie Carpenter, the Community Relations Manager, was fantastically informative and hospitable to us as we toured their facilities and learned about the L.A. Regional Food Bank’s role in fighting hunger in L.A. You can also learn about this charitable organization by clicking here.

Marie Carpenter, Community Relations Manager.

We toured a very large, refrigerated warehouse which housed all donated food that were yet to be sorted and distributed. It was amazing to learn that all this food was still not enough to service all the needy and hungry in Los Angeles County because “demand for food assistance outstrips supply” so the food bank can always use our help!

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank warehouse.

A huge bin of unsorted food items.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank encourages fresh produce donations.

We also saw a lot of volunteers, young and old, sorting, repackaging, and inspecting donated food items at the warehouse.  It was a heartwarming sight to see so many volunteers ready to help on a Saturday. If you want more information about volunteer opportunities, click here.

Food Bank volunteers in action.

Thank you Marie for your hospitality! And thank you Eat My Blog bakers for joining us on our tour of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank facilities.

Eat My Blog bakers!

Please stay tune for volunteer opportunities organized by the Eat My Blog Committee. And once again, THANK YOU for all your support!

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